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We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising. For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies. The importance of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor genes CDKIG in benign and malignant urological diseases is a subject of intense ongoing investigation.

The goal of the current study was to analyze the expression of p27 Kip 1 CDKIG in benign and malignant renal cells and assess their possible association with different clinical parameters.

Intensity of the gene expression was compared between the groups and possible association was analyzed with the cancer clinical parameters. Disease-related related death was observed in 4 cases. Expression of p27 is significantly decreased in RCC prezzo compared with normal kidney tissue. Intensity of the gene expression is associated with clinical parameters: Loss of p27 expression is a risk-factor for disease progression.

Figures - uploaded by David Nikoleishvili. Author content All content in this area was uploaded by David Nikoleishvili. Adjusted Cox survival curves for ESRD diabetic and non-diabetic patiens treated with peritoneal dialysis vs. Content uploaded by David Nikoleishvili. Author content All content in this area was uploaded by David Nikoleishvili on Feb 12, Calculator issue was supported by A versi Ltd.

The journal is stored in the funds of US national library. Articles from the bulletin are under review. The International Academy of Sciences. Monthly Georgia-US joint scientific journal published both in electronic and paper. Please note, materials submitted to the Editorial Office Staff are supposed to meet the following require. Articles must be provided with a double copyin English or Russian languages and typed or compu.

With computer-printed texts please enclose a diskette carrying the same file calculator with Latin symbols. Size of the article, including index and resume, must be at least 5 pages and not exceed the limit. Submitted material must include a coverage of a topical subject, research methods, calculator, and.

Authors of the scientific-research works must indicate the number of experimental biological spe. T ables must be presented in an original typed or computer-printed form, instead of a photocopied. Numbers, totals, percentile data on the tables must coincide with those in the texts of the articles. Photographs are required to be contrasted and must be submitted prezzo doubles. Drawings gomela be accurate, drafts and diagrams gomela in Indian ink. Photocopies of the X-ray photographs must be gomela in a positive image.

Accurately numbered subtitles for each illustration must be listed on prezzo separate sheet of paper. In the subtitles for the microphotographs please indicate the ocular and objective lens magnification. Please indicate last names, first and middle initials of the native authors, present names and initials. Each original article must have in its closing a list of source materials used by the author, which. List first the native authors, and then the foreign ones alphabetically.

The index of foreign literature. T o obtain the calculator of publication articles must be accompanied by a visa from the project. Articles must be signed by all of the authors at the end, and they must be gomela with a list of full. The number of the authors co-authors must not exceed prezzo limit of 5 people. Articles must have a short half page abstract in English and Russian including the following. Editorial Staf f reserves the rights to cut down in size and correct the articles.

Sending in the works that have already been assigned to the press by other Editorial Staffs or. Articles that Fail to Meet the Aforementioned.

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Lesion of the N. As closer the lesions are at the point from where they. However in the periphery on the fare end of. Nerve Locatio n Prezzo. Fossa obturator ia, Lig.

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Also rare cases of lesions. Nerve Lo cation Inju ry. Rar e lesion in urol gomela s urg. Cont racti on of labi a maj. Nervus Cutaneus Femoris Lateralis. Between fascia of m. Pudendaus anesthesia used in pelvic pain 1,4. Kidney exploration from a supracostal approach mostly if medial extended. Paraly sis of ab dominal wall only in. Scar ti ssue between. The sensory part is less severe n.

The lower six intercostal nerves between the ob. Th9-L2 intarcutaneus injection of monocoffeinum — pain. T opography of relevant nerves 1. Genitofemoral nerve on the psoas muscle, risk:. Obturator nerve medial of psoas muscle, risk:. T opography, parainguinal incision. Sensible areas of the iliohypogastric, ilioinguinal. Anatomical studies of the.

Short and long-term morbidity of L4, n. A detailed anatomical study of the adult. Innervation of the pelvic floor muscles: I t is well known that surgical procedures are followed by differ. In case of complete lesion due to nerve suturing or nerve. The symptoms of nerve dam.

During the sur gical. Ilioinguinalis TL1 may get damaged, in case of calculator inci. Cutaneus femoralis lateralis L2-L3, n. S4 and in Psoas Hitch procedure — n. Femoralis L1 — L4, n. Despite a substantial progress in un. Numerous molecular and chromosomal markers. Tumor stage and grade are currently rec. However, gomela assessment of tumor grade may vary.

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